Turkey Steering Committee Members

DeVictor King Mason, Sr

Since 2004 I've been online as you can see via this link. But the "Asian Highway Discussion Forum", about "Asian Highway Tourism Development: Your Opportunity To Participate & Profit" does not appear on my website prior to October 21, 2013. Someone named Author 15 years ago hacked my site and locked me out after I had reached about 75,455 viewers. This project has grown to include not only Asia, but Africa, Australia & Pan America from Argentina to Alaska. My goal is not to expand into other territorities, but to fully develop what has been given to me. As of today (04/16/2022), I have not received $100 total donations from anyplace. All R&D, website designs, temporary helpers and all related expenses were paid for out of my personal savings. I want to establish some type of 501(c)(3) NGO to continue my work on this project that helps Governments and Tourism Officials quickly develop up to 7 million part time tourism related jobs in their locations. Management of each location is assisted by creating an online TEAM of up to 12 members, called Steering Committees. Members pay a yearly fee and make their skills and resources available to the men and women who actively promote this project in their country.  See if you qualify to join a TEAM of 12 in Steering Committees that help develop, manage and share the rewards of guiding tourism and jobs development in your favorite country.

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