Steering Committees

[steering committee] NOUN steering committees (plural noun)

  1. a committee that decides on the priorities or order of business of an organization and manages the general course of its operations.

See if you qualify to join an online TEAM of up to 12 Tourism Steering Committee members to help develop, manage and share the financial rewards of guiding tourism and employment development in your favorite nation. By joining and building this new partnership model we do what no government is able to do; easily create up to 7 million part time tourism related jobs in each participating nation. ALMOST GUARANTEED

1. While Tourism Steering Committee Membership is open in these continents to all donors of USD $1,000, Committees are classified as incomplete unless participants demonstrate control of communications infrastructure affecting the target populations along the corridors served. Tourism Steering Committee members shall represent Radio, TV, Print Media, Mobile Communications Services, Educational Institutions and others capable of mobilizing the local communities (Cultural Assets). Networking in the private forums allow you to float and share ideas about monetisation with all participating nations.

2. Distribution and Sharing of All Future Income Generated is determined by you and your Steering Committee team members.

After determining which continent, country and corridors your activities will cover, Tourism Committee Members will successfully acquire sufficient promotional rewards to begin rewarding their target populations (Cultural Assets) who compete for those prizes. These are provided to the TV Guest Judges, who each week will appear on your local TV series promoting “7Million Jobs” and critique maybe 10-15 submissions. Judges announce their picks for receiving 1st, 2nd or 3rd place awards / prizes.

Qualifying contestants are those who currently offer their products – services to tourists, and have uploaded a promotional video and have their complete profile data into any of 30 tourism categories on your local website (provided to you, maintained by us). Your weekly locally produced “7 Million Jobs” TV show featuring a rotating panel of TV Guest Judges who select sixty seconds in length profile videos submitted, in your 30 tourism activities categories. You should have fun here starting at the first tourism activities category and moving on to the next category each week. Viewers will know what to expect on your next weekly broadcast.

3. See How Locally Produced Weekly TV Series Draws Crowds Rapidly

After the Steering Committee Members (SCM) have acquired awards / prizes for the Top-3 weekly winners, you announce a popularity contest for 3 females to host a weekly TV series rewarding Cultural Assets (CA) who compete for next weeks prizes. Beginning with the 1st category of tourism activities (Accommodations), viewers immediately know which tourism category to expect being featured on the next TV broadcasts. CA’s are taught by these TV Guest Judges how to increase their earning potential by uploading videos into the additional 29 tourism categories, using their appointment calendars, etc. Winners this week could be invited to appear in your TV studio next week to be interviewed, applauded and presented with their prizes. Be prepared, because you may have to assist with Round-Trip transportation expenses, and you may have to offer compensation if they have received additional bookings due to the superior quality of their offerings and the recent prize winning publicity. Tourism Activity, Travel, and Sightseeing Planners are eager to advertise their videos via your related YouTube channel, (managed by us) so that you retain 100% of the fees collected.

After a specific level of activity has been generated in your country, then we may require a fee of USD $1 per transaction. Whether 7Million transactions per year or substantially fewer, depends partially upon your level of assistance. Here is another area where your committee could play a leadership role. With the introduction of the crowdfunding service are opportunities for Asian Highway Network: Tourism Development to reinvest into Community Development Projects of interest. Citizens or groups would be encouraged to submit projects once they knew funding is available.

Please watch some of these tutorial videos so you will understand the currently used BBPress method of communicating with other Steering Committee members world wide.

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