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* I want to host a “7 Million Jobs” TV series each week
* I want to travel to be on TV in other countries
* I want in on the private online forum for meeting my new family
* I want my demo reel online NOW so that I can promote it
* I can learn to promote our different websites to get viewers to join
* I want to meet other TV show judges who do what we all do
* I want to attend TV show judges conferences in Asia, Africa, America & Australia
* I want sponsors to pay me to promote them on our shows
* I want to sometimes trade places on TV shows with my new family of famous friends

Be Famous Contest Image
* I want to improve my lifestyle by helping make all of us famous and successful
* I want people to know who I am and give me extra special celebrity treatment
* I’m OK if the news wants to interview me every now and then about something
* I won’t mind getting paid while being invited to give speeches to schools, clubs & etc
* I want fans to send me messages telling me how much they admire me
* I want to be invited to the best parties to meet other celebrities

* I realize and understand that each country or region has only room for 3-4 of us
* There is nothing grotesque about me that most of the TV show viewers won’t like
* I want to be explaining why I’m giving a prize to whichever contestant wins that weeks TV show


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